Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Man-Flu Delerium

So ends my second night without sleep but I suppose, at least, I'm used to it now...

Having a cold as a kid, I distinctly remember being very upset that I missed sleep, like it was something I owed someone and could never get back.
This time round, I've been playing a lazy version of 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon' - lazy since I took Manu more than six links to get from Virginia Madsen to Clint Eastwood... Well, four o'clock in the morning I wasn't playing for points - just to keep myself sane!

I do have an excellent job lined up for tomorrow: I'm helping Neil Bates, of the Regent Cinema, make final adjustments to the place ahead of the grand reopening 'soon'.

In other news: thanks to the boxing day sales and eBay, I now have a few more component parts for my new edit suite. I've yet to hook it all up but I should now have a separate output monitor. 'Should' - if it doesn't work then I've potentially got a nice new paperweight!

Must submit to my man-flu once more, good night/morning.

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