Tuesday, 20 March 2012

And the winner in the entertainment category was...

Some really cool little film about facebook, well done them!

Nothing left to do now but smile sweetly and go home!

Good night!

And the first runner up in the Animation category is...

Jessica Shaw from Cleveland College of Art and Design!!!

Jess was a fellow student last year and is now one of MY students on the Entertainment Design Crafts course - and a very good one at that!

Jessica Shaw: one to watch.

The Entertainment category is up after this short break...

My nerves are tingling!

RTS: York (Student) Awards Tonight!

It's the big one... (following yesterday's 'Big One' - a showing of 'Moving On' at Clive Tonge's Short Horror Film Night at the Arc...)

Back in November 2010 I attended my first RTS Awards; just over a year later and I'm suited and booted up again and ready to rock!

This event has been postponed from last year so the suspence has hit fever-pitch as to whether or not my offering has been shortlisted. I entered the Regent Cinema promotional film into the category of factual, as a first year piece of work - even though I did it in year two for me!

Fingers crossed then; a short listed screening would be nice but a win would be a perfect start to spring.

Watch this space!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

'Moving On' at The Arc - Next Monday

It's nearly time, so here's a quick link and a little reminder that Clive Tonge's Big Horror Night is nearly upon us... Come one, come all, for a fun-filled-fright-fest!