Sunday, 30 January 2011

The worst (and the best) is behind us!

We did it. Three days of filming, dozens of extras, hours of tape to sift through. The best part? I know I captured everything I'll need.

Big thanks again to all my volunteer crew, audience extras, CCAD staff and students, Rachel Meek, the Evening Gazette, Tyne-Tees news, TFM Radio, Writers Block NE and especially to Neil Bates of the Regent Cinema, Redcar.

I still require shots inside the projection booth and a little extra outside but for what I needed my extras for, that is in the bag!

Still, I can't relax yet, there's a coursework deadline midweek and another film project lined up for next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I can do it, nothing can stop me; man-flu tried, technology tried, the elements tried. Well I'm still here and I got my footage, so clear a path - I'm going to Hollywood!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Camera set up two ROCKED!!

A couple of changes to the line up of my crew tonight; we welcomed Kass, Jo and Craig to the fold and saw the welcome return of Peter suttron, Lee, andy and Aaron.
I'm really pleased with the shots we got tonight, one of my favourites being Craig's entrance to the auditorium dressed on full WW1 costume, borrowed from CCAD's costume department.
He use of the track and dolly was spot on and the lads nailed one of my storyboarded shots perfectly.

Fingers crossed that Neil can get my DVD to play tomorrow so that we can film the over the shoulder shots looking at the screen.

Breakdown is gonna be tough tomorrow, I can't think where to even start - but that's a problem for future me. This one's gonna get some shuteye and treat himself to a lie in! Good night!

Friday, 28 January 2011

First night, in the can!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to tonights' frivolities - I haven't reviewed the footage yet but I know we captured some fantastic images.

Once again my crew were professional and motivated and quick thinking and I'd gladly work with all of them again... Like tomorrow and Sunday!

Members of the public welcome, fun starts at 6pm and ends 6.45pm sharp!

VIP filming session a huge success

Everything went like clockwork this morning for the VIP filming session at the Regent cinema.
Guests included CCAD principle, Martin Raby, Mike Boyle and his five children, CCAD marketing staff, Emma, Nicola and Liam, actor Jennifer Nelson and my mum and dad and aunt and uncle, Pat, Tony, Bob and Linda - great to see you all there.
My crew, Andy Harrison, Peter Silk, Peter Suttron and Lee Charnley, were all on top form and would be an asset to any crew - and I'm looking forward to working with them again tonight.

Audience can arrive from 6pm tonight (Friday) or Saturday or Sunday, filming lasts for about an hour before the main show.

Come along, be in a film!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Media Storm!

Big thanks to Rachel Meek for pushing hard and fast and getting a Tyne Tees news crew to report on the Regent Cinema project.
It's meant I've had to adjust the schedule and have asked for a whole load of new favours from family and friends alike.
There will now be a fake-fake film shoot tomorrow at eleven am (Friday), ahead of the first filming session at 6pm.

In other news:
I have pulled a muscle in my back lifting the dolly track. I'm finding it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Tomorrow I will feel grumpy. But I will not show it. Neither would Rambo.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Finalised times for crew and audience members

We now have official start and finish times for next weekends film shoot:

Crew to arrive and set up from: 5.45pm,
Crew briefing at: 5.55pm
Audience extras to arrive from. 6pm
Audience briefing 6.10pm
Filming with full kit* to commence. 6.15pm
Full kit* filming finishes 6.45pm
Filming with camera and tripod only 6.45 - 7pm

*full kit comprises of lights and track and dolly rail system which are to be removed from the auditorium before the general public arrive, in order to prevent them posing a trip hazard to anyone not present at the earlier briefings.

Many thanks in advance to all those who will contribute to making this project a success, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Regent Redcar Film Project

Production will last from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Preparation will start about an hour before the show starts, audience 'extras' will be asked to arrive around 20-30 minutes before the show.
Filming will cease before the trailers and all disruption will be over before the main feature.

Interviews with the public and staff will be carried out on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Areas of the theatre to be filmed will be marked out in advance - for anyone not wishing to take part, there will be plenty of good seating available out of shot and you are most welcome to swap seats once filming has wrapped for the day.

Participants will be asked to sign release forms, giving Living Bliss Productions permission to use your likeness for the Regent Cinema Promotional Film Project.

Please contact me for further details at:

Many thanks in advance to all who can make it, I hope to see you there.

Living Bliss Logo

Here we go - the new 'Living Bliss Productions' logo, hot off the press!

Inspired by rolls of film and the three colours ascociated with its production, the 3D aspect suggests a nod to the future direction of cinema. The design is bold and bright and works as well the size of a postage stamp as it would on a bill board.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Film night is on!

Neil Bates, manager of the Regent Redcar cinema has announced the date he will show The Green Hornet, the night(s) I will film my crowd shots, and it's TWO WEEKS TODAY!!!

I've got to create a publicity drive and awareness campaign to drum up audience members willing to be filmed, work out what I want to shot, create a fake trailer, oh it goes on..!

Call it chance, call it fate and destiny - I do - but Writers Block are having a 'Lets Make A Film' meeting on the morning of my proposed shoot, this is the group I belong to who are making a superhero movie in Middlesbrough, and quite a few members have agreed to come over and support my film making project.

Film school coursework deadlines, filming on location, acting and rehearsing, pre production tasks, Writers Block homework - am I getting too old for this?

He'll NO! I'm just not getting enough Redbull!

Bring it on January, nothing can stop me!!!