Monday, 8 April 2013

Phase III is well underway

It's just that 'Phase III' is sprawling and MASSIVE!

These are the race car/driver scenes and include John Foster as both an adult and a child, a 'real' race car, a cardboard 'pretend' racecar, gravestones, dismembered foxes and stately homes - oh my!

Here's a look at some of the props I've been working on for 'Phase III'; you can find more on the Facebook page...

See that big cardboard box and the little drawing of a racecar? That's how it all starts...

A few hours later and everythign is cut out, reshaped and stuck down, ready for a paint job

Here's Laura McClurg helping me paint

Here's the mostly finished car... There's a few more details to go on, such as a steering wheel and wheel centres

I've also repainted a model car to match the Team Nova race suit and helmet design

The finished model used waterslide transfers to add detail

I also made a 'fox waste' bin, to imply the casual manner with which foxes are dispatched in the future
At this point I'd like to thank Crathorne Hall, Yarm and Gisborough Hall, Guisborough for allowing me to film on location in their grounds - unfortunately I have neither the camera, nor the adequate weather to do the scene justice, so that will have to wait!