Sunday, 21 November 2010

Website: day one

My website design went from planning to practical yesterday after I spent the afternoon working with Martin Wood, a film maker friend who has been using online web design tool 'Wix'.
As soon as we began, new ideas flooded in and affected the overall number of pages and corresponding links.
It is likely that this entire site is just a big practice session, since it uses Flash coding, which is not compatible with Apple technology - and who doesn't use an iPhone these days?

Friday, 12 November 2010

Why 2k?

Had a word with Neil last night regarding cinema screen resolution...
HD it is then - the cinema projetor works at 2k with a 4k capability... Nothing less than blu-ray standard will do, sooo - Bring on the P2s!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Post party update

Animation awards went to... NO ONE!!!!

Oh well, CCAD were runner up in an early award so it could have been worse.
Furious networking quite flat currently, gonna redouble my efforts and whip this!

RTS Awards tonight, best behaviour then...

Royal Television Society Yorkshire Student TV Awards 2010 tonight at the Reel Cinema in York - what a mouthful!!!
The event is being hosted by Shona Collins, a rising star on the interviewing and presenting scene for youth oriented TV. Judges include animators Barry and Avram Buchanan and film makers Paul Berriff, Nicola Addyman, Tim Dowd, Diane Myers and Glyn Middleton, also writer Lisa, journalist Mike Best and actor Keith Richardson.
I'll be networking fiercely tonight,stay tuned to see what happens!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Full Circle!

A year ago, the part time, first year TV And Film Production students were engaged in a project to remake a scene from Under Suspicion and were chasing local acting legend Bill Fellows for the lead role - previously castas Gene Hackman.
Although Bill was interested, scheduling conflicts prevented him from taking the role in our reconstruction.

One year on and both myself and Bill were finally in film project together: 'Flip for the Boro'.
Late last night, I emailed Bill a version of the finished product, time will tell if he thinks missing that role was akin to Tom Selleck passing on Indiana Jones!!!!