Wednesday, 28 November 2012

There's Something in the Fog..!

 We had a rather lucky break this weekend when a location scouting trip turned into our very own fox hunters-hunt! A visit to Castle Howard, rendered all but useless thanks to thick fog, was followed up with a trip into deepest Yorkshire and an abundance of horse boxes suggested there was a hunt underway. As we drove through the lanes - in the mysterious fog - we were quickly caught up in the procession of horses and hounds, taking part in a drag hunt. We spoke to one of the riders who allowed us to take some quick pictures and I feel these could be used in an early montage in 'Championship Hunt'.
Here's a couple of snaps:

Here's a link to Castle Howard on Google Maps:


Friday, 9 November 2012

Don't Shoot...

Until 25th January, 2013!

Yes, that's our official start date for principle photography on Championship hunt!

Although it seems an age away, the script needs to be locked down, costumes designed, locations established, sets dressed, props made... Gee-Whizz!

The Championship Hunt web site came online today too, check it out:

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Call The Cops..! No need, there's dozens of 'em!

Today i headed up a team of CCAD FdA Creative Film students as we shot a police training exercise at Tees Port.

We had five cameras; the emergency services had eight fire engines, four police cars, six ambulances and a helicopter!

It was a long day but between us we vaptured some outstanding footage.