Monday, 4 February 2013

As the dust settles on the Grand Hotel shoot...

...I'm still picking up the pieces from a fantastic weekend shoot.

The script suffered a few direct hits, as did the cast and crew, but those still on their feet marched valiantly on to victory in this major battle; the war, however, still hangs in the balance.

Friday to Sunday was a blur, as was all of the past week. I had a solid team, who, with a little telepathic ability, made the shoot not just survivable, but also quite a success!

With the benefit of hindsight, a clear mind and sleep, I can think of many ways in which things could have been different; one thing I'd like to do is PAY my cast and crew. There was such a high degree of loyalty and professionalism on set, everyone worked for food, friendship and to be a part of a killer opportunity, and it's back to me to make everyone's efforts worth something in the near future.

I didn't take too many pictures on the day, but here's a couple I did grab:

Stuart Hanrahan, A.K.A. 'Billy Hawksmoor' doubled as my Cheif of Entertainment... Other crew include Rhiannon Jones as Production Runner/Beauty Make-up, Chris Coles as 'Camera 2', Alice Knight as 'Catering/Production Runner' and Peter Suttron as Set Dresser.
Fear not, in this picture all of the alcohol bottles are props!

In a sports-report style, we created a backdrop using logos 'donated' by other North East film makers. Sadly the 'set' wasn't used

James Kent, A.K.A. 'John Foster' stood still for just two photographs. Alarmingly, this was the best one!
Thanks to Laura McClurg for helping me create the race suit.

Peter Suttron was my Set Dresser/Prop Master, although he was asked to appear in the film twice, once as a 'Snoozing party-goer' and once as 'Bandaged man'.
Peter hated, Hated, HATED being under the bandages, but stuck with it for a good four or five hours! - Thanks Peter!

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