Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Graduation Day

My four-years at 'film school' came to an end at the start of the month when I attended my graduation ceremony at Teesside University.

I was awarded a 'Distinction' in my studies, which evolved from FdA Television and Film Production to FdA Creative Film and Moving Image Production in 2011.

As I reflect on my time, I see how I could have dug a lot deeper into every aspect of the course; I see gaps in my knowledge as I attempt to apply my new skills but I also see how far I have traveled and would definitely recommend the course to anyone wishing to move out of their bedroom or garage and into a film studio and beyond!

Mum, Dad and Me!

I can't thank enough my parents, Pat and Tony, for supporting me through my studies and everybody else who has acted, filmed, created, edited, scored and slogged away on a 'Living Bliss Productions' film - Thank you all!

Living Bliss Productions will continue to push forwards, the next film to be completed will be the 'Director's Cut' of my final year film: 'Championship Hunt' - stay tuned!