Sunday, 30 January 2011

The worst (and the best) is behind us!

We did it. Three days of filming, dozens of extras, hours of tape to sift through. The best part? I know I captured everything I'll need.

Big thanks again to all my volunteer crew, audience extras, CCAD staff and students, Rachel Meek, the Evening Gazette, Tyne-Tees news, TFM Radio, Writers Block NE and especially to Neil Bates of the Regent Cinema, Redcar.

I still require shots inside the projection booth and a little extra outside but for what I needed my extras for, that is in the bag!

Still, I can't relax yet, there's a coursework deadline midweek and another film project lined up for next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I can do it, nothing can stop me; man-flu tried, technology tried, the elements tried. Well I'm still here and I got my footage, so clear a path - I'm going to Hollywood!

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