Saturday, 15 January 2011

Film night is on!

Neil Bates, manager of the Regent Redcar cinema has announced the date he will show The Green Hornet, the night(s) I will film my crowd shots, and it's TWO WEEKS TODAY!!!

I've got to create a publicity drive and awareness campaign to drum up audience members willing to be filmed, work out what I want to shot, create a fake trailer, oh it goes on..!

Call it chance, call it fate and destiny - I do - but Writers Block are having a 'Lets Make A Film' meeting on the morning of my proposed shoot, this is the group I belong to who are making a superhero movie in Middlesbrough, and quite a few members have agreed to come over and support my film making project.

Film school coursework deadlines, filming on location, acting and rehearsing, pre production tasks, Writers Block homework - am I getting too old for this?

He'll NO! I'm just not getting enough Redbull!

Bring it on January, nothing can stop me!!!

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