Saturday, 29 January 2011

Camera set up two ROCKED!!

A couple of changes to the line up of my crew tonight; we welcomed Kass, Jo and Craig to the fold and saw the welcome return of Peter suttron, Lee, andy and Aaron.
I'm really pleased with the shots we got tonight, one of my favourites being Craig's entrance to the auditorium dressed on full WW1 costume, borrowed from CCAD's costume department.
He use of the track and dolly was spot on and the lads nailed one of my storyboarded shots perfectly.

Fingers crossed that Neil can get my DVD to play tomorrow so that we can film the over the shoulder shots looking at the screen.

Breakdown is gonna be tough tomorrow, I can't think where to even start - but that's a problem for future me. This one's gonna get some shuteye and treat himself to a lie in! Good night!

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