Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away

Life here at Living Bliss Entertainment Productions is moving pretty fast these last few days and spinning on a sixpence too.

Given current workload and personal commitments, I could see no way how I could possibly have shot off any footage for my Regent Redcar project.
In a short notice turn of events, I found myself with 2 days to spare - just enough to hire out some kit and return it before the holidays, thus dispensing the need to tKe out additional home insurance and try and find the room to store it all!
Everything was sorted and I was working well past 3am this morning, preparing risk assessments, release forms and shot lists.
I was a little bit groggy when I woke up but couldn't help but notice the BIG FAT RAINDROPS rattling my window!!!

Yeah, thanks for that. First close the cinema indefinitely, then tease me with free time and available kit, then crush all my outdoors establishing shots with THIS!!!

I believe I proved a few weeks ago that weather cannot stop me but it sure does give me a headache.

I. Et I get something in the bag - just watch me!

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