Monday, 6 December 2010


After a flat spot in my regent Redcar project, a quick catch up with Mike Boyle has really helped me focus on what I want for and from it. Certainly now I know a few more things I don't want to do: I'm going to avoid mockumentary and also jot overstate any quirks and features that might be personally impressive or interesting to myself but a hard sell to the general public.
What is now for certain is my intention to push the family run business that has survived against the odds and flourished enough to install new equipment while keeping prices the best in the region. Thus is in no small part down to the fact that everyone who 'works' there is a volunteer - everyone is there for the love of cinema - now that's not a bad tagline!
I'm going to treat this as a kind of pop video now, edit beautiful shots to the music, shits that show a working day at the cinema and the experience the audience could expect, both in and around and before, during and after.
I'm going to check out local music talent, as well as royalty free music online and music contacts I have to see what best fits the project.
Consider me on the move again!

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