Friday, 17 December 2010

I'm going outside, I may be some time...

Everything went like clockwork today as I filmed the sunrise over Redcar and much more besides. Following on from last night when I filmed the sunset, I have loads of footage to edit down for establishing shots, cutaways and close ups - there's just one problem: I am, or at least was, quite unfamiliar with the Panasonic DVX100 and it's only after handing it back that I have the opportunity to sus out how it works!
In fairness, it's hard to know what buttons you've pressed when you're wearing two pairs of gloves and I'm sure I knocked the ideal settings off more than once.
That's the trouble with breaking in new kit when you're up against the clock and the elements, I'm just glad that I hadthe opportunity to do as much as I did and hopefully I can learn from my mistakes.

I'll be putting my new edit suite through it's paces over the holidays and not touching a camera again till the new year, so, all being well, I'll have my technique down when it really counts - shooting a cinema full of people!

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