Saturday, 15 October 2011

First I was 'Letting Go', now I'm 'Moving On'...

A year ad a half on from my first film making effort, 'Letting Go', comes the companion piece 'Moving On'.

The project had been languishing inside me for a fee weeks when I saw a reminder for another 90-second film competition from writers block, the theme: ghost stories.

The story follows a man who struggles to accept that his girlfriend has left him - but has she really gone for good?

I wrote the first draft in a few hours on Wednesday evening and shared it with students on the Thursday - with a view to shooting this weekend.

Hurried phone calls and emails landed me a tight cast and crew, comprising of graduates of film and tv and a couple of first timers.

The script has seen four revisions and today we shoot what we've got - kick off is in around two hours!

This is my first film for months, a very cathartic piece for me, one that I could only have conceived at this very point in my life.
I think I'll call my next film 'Falling In Love Again'..!

Here's a link to the competition:

And here's a link to the first. Film, Letting Go:

Pics and stories tomorrow - it's gonna be a long day!

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