Monday, 17 October 2011

Editing going well...

My second night of editing sees me off to bed with a ninety-second version of 'Moving On' - thus time yesterday it was 2mins 45seconds, so I'm really pleased.

The story I wish to tell really takes a little more than 90 seconds to do it justice, to give the characters room to breath, but the necessity to crop it back has resulted in some more unexpected pleasant surprises.

What in most pleased about is that all the tough shots have stayed in. I would have been strung up by the crew if I didn't use the apparition-in-the-reflection bits!

Tomorrow night I'll add the extra sound effects then plan the music, which I should be doing with Curtis Rowlands... The longer version will benefit from music for sure but this shirt one, well, I might just fro a few piano keystrokes on and a little violin for atmosphere...

Anyway, that's tomorrow nights business, I've got a full days work and a night class to attend first!

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