Friday, 21 October 2011

Dead-On the deadline, but I'm not Moving On yet!

Technological failure couldn't stop me, and frankly, it might have done me a favour...

I was unable to upload the 90-second Ghost Film entry, 'Moving On', today at work but I had arranged to meet James at seven pm to drop off a data disc.

Good job I did; I watched the lo-res version on my phone and realised I had some sound-synch issues. Although I left work late after jump starting a car (belonging to one Jamie MacDonald, photography course leader and documentary film maker) I felt that I had just enough time to do one last tweak...

Well, you know how it goes; one tweak leads to another and before you know it, you're meddling in areas that didn't need attention.

Since the deadline of 7pm was drawing near, I managed to stop myself and whiz over to Writers' Block HQ to drop off the disc.

Job done.

Now, two things followed from this: I came straight home to work on the three-minute 'Ditectirs' Cut' - that's coming along nicely, thank you - and James Harris has asked me to partake in a film project they have planned for tomorrow... Excellent, it's been too long between projects and this is just the medicine I need to het my mojo back.

I'll blog back tomorrow when I know what the story is... Unless its under embargo for some reason!?!

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