Friday, 26 October 2012

Social Network Expanding

I've been 'off' social network pages for a while; I feared that they were a distraction away from the cause of making the best short film I can, but I always knew that one day I would return...

This week, I began to compile a Facebook page, dedicated to 'Championship Hunt', but I'm holding off on going fully public until it's a lilttle more developed.

I've worked with quite a few film makers over the past year, all of whom use Facebook to a greater or lesser degree and I do find that the regular updates really make the projects come alive - here's an example:

This is the Hydra-X films page; they recently shot a short film called The Bad Samaritain Must Die and at one point, were posting two or three times a day to update the production.

I will follow a similar template, by rolling out exclusive behind the scenes photos and news, design artwork, music links and opening up group discussions about the project.

I'll post a link when there's more content..!

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