Friday, 12 October 2012

Getting a Head Start

Here's a sneaky look at the early stages of, what I hope will become, the Jonny Fox mask!

Thus far I have a cast of James Kent's head, some concept art and a lot of good intentions. My usual barrier is myself - I want to do a Hollywood-standard animatronic fox-man costume but time and budget says I should simply aim for a very basic mask, without snarling lips, moving eyebrows and snapping jaw...  Boring!
This is what I want - and here's how I'm going to get it..!
Removing the plaster head from the alginate/modrok cast

The plaster cast was cleaned up using drills, sanders and knives

Holes were filled with polyfiller and the head sealed with shellack

A latex coating has been painted on which will eventually become part of the mask
Overlaying the artwork to the actor - it's going to take a little 'tweaking'!
Many thanks to my model, James, and my 'right-hand-men' Rachel Lee and Simon Burgon who assisted me during the three-hour casting session.

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