Monday, 13 February 2012

BOOM! We're off the blocks in 2012 with EXPLODING HELICOPTERS!!!

This may be slightly preemptive but there's a very good chance that my next film school project will be approved tomorrow - and it's all about the exploding helicopters!

I'm just putting together a short pitch video to show my lecturers that will without doubt convince them that blowing up little models is the best thing for me as a student on te 'Creative Film making' course.
I've been planning this shot for about five years now, and every year another thing drips into place to make it an inevitable outcome.

Now in fairness, I don't NEED to blow up a helicopter - I just WANT to!
It'll be enough of a challenge to bring the futuristic models to life in the trailer but in for a penny, in for a pound and all that...

Hollywood is being threatened daily by bedroom artists producing tip notch SFX on home computers, and I aim to join them.

Test shots started five years ago; in seven weeks i hope to have the skillset down to make all the aerial vehicle shots in my trailer look a million dollars.

No pressure then.

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