Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Murder on the Trans-media Express

Murder on the trans-media express

This is the event that nearly never was yet it was also the most important event I've attended for months and could drastically affect the future of film making for not just myself but the whole industry, certainly according to the speakers.

Present were Hilary Perkins (Skins - ch4), Tim Wright (Oldton - website), Ian Fenton (Kronos Time Machine - Tyneside Cinema) and Tarek Nseir (Harry Potter - Pottermore website) , who between then represented writers, producers, directors and designers across platforms from film to tv, literature to web design and everything in-between.

My intentions at this event were mostly about networking at first, then j studied the content of the session and realised it could be slightly relevant. Three hours after it began and I think it could make the difference between success and failure of a long-term ongoing project, currently titled 'Grand Scheme of Things' which I began to promote at Cannes back in May.

The new term for what I might call multi-media is 'Trans-media' and now included is Facebook, twitter, myspace, alongside audio-visual mainstays such as music, video and books.

I have collaborated with Martin Wood for over a decade to provide content for the world of Jonny Fix and friends, never quite knowing what the final format should be.
And now I know - ALL FORMATS!

Nothing we've done to date will be wasted, everything has a point and potential. Content commissioners are already looking for added value to their brands and the best added value is created ALINGSIDE the primary product, not bolted on afterwards.

The event was everything we all wanted it to be - everyone I spoke to at the networking session afterwards thought so too and the speakers were very generous with their time, allowing us the opportunity to ask direct questions and dig deeper into the answers than would be possible in the group forum format.

Many thanks to mike Boyle for passing on details of the event and to Scott Watson who kept me up to date with the revised date. Without them, I'd have missed a something BIG!

Here's a link to the event:
Here's a link to GSoT:
Here's a link to the delegates: - Ian Fenton - Tim Wright - Tarek Nseir - Hilary Perkins

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