Wednesday, 7 September 2011

It's Early Days but...

I'm entering a piece of work into the RTS Awards!

As silly as it sounds, as my personal interests and pursuits do not generally align with awards assessment criteria, however, it seems my Regent Cinema promotional film has been deemed worthy of the 'free, undergraduate' entry ticket, available to the Film and TV Production course students - we qualified because we are entering sufficient paid for projects from our recent graduates.

As I say, early days... It's not even been posted yet, it's just a really good feeling to be asked to represent the college.

I must confess, I quite fancy winning; there's nothing like taking the stage to receive an award before your peers - thanks to Writer's Block for giving me the first experience of this!

I hope the next blog on this subject says I've been accepted, shortlisted and I can round it off with an 'I've Won It!!!'

Thanks to Di Scott and Mike Boyle, our lecturers on the course, for just considering me at this stage, even this much makes the numerous sleepless nights feel worth it...

Best of luck to all involved and may the best films win!

Links to RTS Awards here:

Links to Regent Cinema promotional film here:

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