Sunday, 21 August 2011

Two Steps Back

Impatience is a curse of mine.

A few months ago, whilst feeling disheartened about a lack of access to camcorders out of hours fromthe CCAD stores, I purchased one from eBay.
From Malta!

It arrived safely but had a couple of tiny faults. I out it down to transit and acclimatisation and used the camera happily on a couple of occasions.

Last time out I realised that the xlr inputs didn't work...
Everything else seemed fine, just those inputs, meaning j was limited to use the onboard mics to capture sound.

Ho-hum. At the start of my summer holidays, I decided to have the problem looked at. I sent my camcorder off to a recommended repair centre ad waited.
Quite quickly they got back to me: "we fixed 'the xlr problem with a bit of soldering", "great, thanks, when can j have it back?"
"oh no, we're afraid there was another problem, we can't fix it, it needs to go back to panasonic themselves for investigation".

That was a month ago.

Tomorrow, I was due to film part of an instructional film for a world class blacksmith.

I don't have my camera.

I can't get one from college.

There is no budget so I'm not going to hire one.

As it happens, it appears this enforced postponement is for the best.

I'll try again next month. If the museum is still operational.

In the mean time, does anyone know where my camcorder is?!!

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