Saturday, 18 June 2016

Point Break 2013 Precision Love Bombs Dropped!

I have been a fan of the 1991 Katherine Bigelow film Point Break right from the start and recent  news broke that it was getting the remake treatment...
We've all seen how (un)successful that can be; step forward The Wicker Man, The Fog, King Kong... but inevitability is a wonderful thing - why fight it?

If I could have worked on any film ever, it would have been Point Break. So why not the sequel?

I did a little online research and found the names and addresses of the writer, producers and executive producers and today I sent them all a good luck message.
This is truly from the heart. They're going to do it anyway, maybe I can inspire that extra something present in the original. Maybe... I can get a role in the film - afterall, I read that parts of it will be filmed in Europe..!

UPDATE: June 2016
Oh dear. That is all.

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