Thursday, 14 June 2012

Foxhunter TV: The Legacy Begins to Rise...

I can't believe it, I've barely ten months left at film school; ten months to create the mother of all trailers and secure the deal at Cannes 2013!

Foxhunter TV is part of the world of Jonny Fox, and Jonny Fox is a character I've been working on with film maker Martin Wood for over a decade; and this is the year he breaks free!

I'll be enlisting the best of my student contacts to make props and costumes and as many of my acting buddies as I can fit in any one scene.

The idea is to make a trailer, to secure funding for a trailer, to secure funding for a trilogy of films - an earlier version of the story can be found at this link:!__episode-1

I've been working on character designs for years but now I'm moving into real life, I'm looking for inspiration everywhere and anywhere - and that includes Helmesley, North Yorkshire - where some of the action takes place.
While passing an outdoor clothing shop, I saw this fantastic display...

There will be plenty of faceless henchmen to take down and all the best movies feature masked bad guys - I'm thinking Equalibrium, Captain America, G.I. Joe to name but a few. Well it cuts down on the need for so many extras and costumes and catering if we use the same five performers a dozen times over!

Plenty more news to follow, keep 'em peeled!

Here's a link to their website:

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