Monday, 21 March 2011

Another breakthrough!

My Regent cinema project is shaping up on the edit suite now and, although I only seem to work on it in 3-4 hour bursts, there is a definite end in sight... Lucky that, being as the deadline is not far off either!
The breakthrough of the week was in finding a way to record a musical score and VoiceOver track.
I have looked around online for ready made music; I have considered adding a popular 60's track, but I've felt blocked at each turn.
On Saturday night I found enough cables to connect a synthesiser keyboard to the edit suite and, although there's a full seconds time delay, I can play semi-live into the machine.
I was also able to use this new-found knowledge to hook up a microphone and perform an early morning VoiceOver.
I'm still up against it with everything else I have on but j feel like I can at least control every aspect now and the work I hand in will be the truest representation of my abilities.

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