Sunday, 31 October 2010

British Summertime ends, sun fails to rise...

One of my big plans for the Regent Redcar project is to capture some glorious emotive location shots, making the absolute most of the seafront setting.
I have scouted at high andow tide, sunset, full moon, clear sky, stormy seas; all that was left was sunrise.
The sun sets in just the wrong place for a prize-winning shot, so I was intrigued by where it might rise.
All week there have been fantastic sunrises visible from my journey to work, so I thought I'd make best use of the extra hour in bed by getting up an hour early and filming what I could.
I made it just before dawn but the overcast blocked any chance of seeing, let alone filming the sunrise.
I shot what I could - empty streets, British steel flaming off and a fishing boat launching; better than nothing 'till it started to rain.
I took the opportunity to capture a couple of shots of rain splashing outside the Regent but really all I got was wet.

Maybe I'll take another crack next week.

Maybe I don't even need the shot.

Script and storyboard today then, I'll linger longer on location later.

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